IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Victoria Theatre COVID Vaccination and Negative Test Policy

24 August 2021
Covid message

Here is everything you need to know about the Victoria Theatre's entry policy, including some Frequently Asked Questions

The Council and Theatre staff are excited to head into a busy autumn season at the Victoria Theatre and finally host full scale events after being closed for over 18 months. We know that many of our customers are eager to return to live entertainment and would like life to go back to ‘normal’. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic means that there is a need to continue to protect ourselves, our audiences, and our community, and make some difficult decisions that will help us to prevent the spread of COVID.

For a safe, considerate, and enjoyable experience for everyone the Council has decided to implement the following from the first full size, main house event on Thursday 26 August.

We are asking all ticket holders to provide ONE of the following:

Proof of double vaccination via the NHS App using the COVID Passport OR

Proof of a negative lateral flow test, logged within 24 hours of the event OR

Proof of a negative PCR test, logged within 24 hours of the event OR

You can provide these via the NHS App, which can be used to log all lateral flow and PCR test results. It also records vaccinations and can be used as proof of vaccination. You can also request a paper copy of your Covid Passport using the NHS App.

Please note: The NHS App is different from the NHS Test and Trace App.

We appreciate that not everyone is able to use apps and will therefore also accept the following as proof:

Text / email confirmations of negative test results logged with the NHS OR

A timestamped photograph of you with your negative lateral flow test OR

A COVID vaccination card showing double vaccination and matching photo identification

To further protect ourselves and each other, we are continuing with the programme of enhanced cleaning and continuing to encourage visitors and staff to wear masks while moving around the venue.

As we are all aware, theatres and live entertainment venues have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, we were some of the last places to open and are likely to be the first places to close should the need arise for a return of restrictions.

We really want to make sure that we can remain open, to bring back the joy of live entertainment and shared experiences to all, so that we can all feel as ‘normal’ as possible under the circumstances.

We greatly appreciate your support, kindness, and cooperation during this time as we continue to protect ourselves and each other.

If you have any queries about your booking, please email and we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible. We are currently operating on reduced hours in the box office so recommend that you email instead of calling or attending the box office.

The door times for all events are an hour before the show is due to start and we will be checking everyone as they come in. Please arrive as early as possible, as there may be queues. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Could you please tell me where I can get a Lateral Flow test before the event?

There are several ways you can get a Lateral Flow test quickly. Information about where to get lateral flow tests can be found on the links below:

Where can I get the NHS App?

Information about how to download the NHS App can be found here:

Do you have to bring the lateral flows tests with you to do before you gain entry to the venue?

You do not need to conduct a lateral flow test at the venue. Please do the test within 24 hours of your visit and bring your negative result email or proof in the app using the QR code on your test tile. You do not need to bring your actual test tile with you. If you are not using the NHS app, please supply a date stamped image of you with the negative test result.

Please advise on your refund policy as these restrictions were not in place at time of buying tickets

As we consider these measures safety precautions and not restrictions, we will not be issuing refunds to those who refuse to comply. You can view our refund policy here:

What if you don’t have the NHS app but have your vaccination card? Can you use this?

Yes, you can use your card, along with some photo ID. You can also access the NHS COVID Pass through the NHS website or request an NHS COVID Pass letter to be posted to you. There is more information about this here:

Will you be accepting medical exemption letters from GPs?

Yes, we will accept medical exemption letters from GPs. If a person is medically unable to have a COVID vaccination but can still provide proof of a negative Lateral Flow or PCR Test to gain entry to the venue, we recommend this as an alternative. We are duty bound to protect those that are unable to follow the precautions advised and this is why we are requesting that everyone follows these rules to protect the vulnerable and potentially unprotected.

I am exempt from both vaccinations and having to prove any negative test results, will I still be able to attend the show I have booked for?

We appreciate that the coronavirus has a disproportionate impact on particular communities, and that it has exacerbated the existing structural disadvantages. We want to make sure that these measures are protecting everyone and do not lead to an increase in discrimination and disadvantage. If a customer has a medical condition that means that vaccinations and COVID tests are simply not an option, this can be self-declared this or proof of exemption can be provided, will accept this and allow admission to the venue.

My child is under the age to receive the vaccination, can they still attend the venue?

Any non-vaccinated adults and young people can show a negative Lateral Flow or PCR test result instead.

Attendees under the age of 16 can provide verbal confirmation that they have not tested positive nor are currently suffering from symptoms of COVID-19, from their parent or guardian.

We are travelling from outside of England and are not covered under the NHS app would you accept the vaccination record card issued at vaccination time?

Anyone outside the UK will need to provide a certificate accepted from country of residence or display negative lateral flow test within the 24 hours prior to attendance.

Will you accept the EU Digital Green Certificate?

Yes, we will accept this as proof of vaccination for people from Europe and The Republic of Ireland.

I have recently been pinged by the NHS Test and Trace App – Can I still attend the venue?

The rules for those who are pinged by the NHS Test and Trace App are different for those who are vaccinated and unvaccinated. For the most up to date rules please visit:

I have tested positive for COVID, what can I do and am I entitled to a refund?

If you have recently tested positive for COVID and asked to self-isolate, please do not attend the venue. We are not offering refunds for people who are self-isolating for the full scale, main house events. If you have TicketPlan ticket refund protection, please contact them directly to discuss a refund.