Panto is back this Christmas with Jack & the Beanstalk at the Victoria Theatre Halifax!

5 October 2021
Jack and the Beanstalk cast

The Victoria Theatre’s panto stars brought a touch of early Christmas magic to Halifax last week as they officially launched Jack & the Beanstalk....

The Victoria Theatre’s panto stars brought a touch of early Christmas magic to Halifax last week as they officially launched Jack & the Beanstalk, this year’s spectacular family pantomime, with a photo shoot at the theatre. Four of the cast were at the venue for a day of panto planning, filming and photography with lots of laughs, mayhem and mess being the inevitable result!

The hilarious Dame Adam Stafford is returning once again as the role of Dame Trot! Adam is excited to be back at the Victoria Theatre once again “This year’s Panto at the Victoria Theatre will be me getting back on stage for the first time in two years, the longest break I have had away from the stage in a career that is now well into its fifth decade. Like so many people, the pandemic stopped us from doing the job that we love. I’m just so delighted to be back at this glorious venue, entertaining people in another fantastic show full of fun, music, dancing and comedy, and hearing the collective sound of people laughing and enjoying themselves. We ALL need some of that right now!!!” 

Jack and the Beanstalk cast - Adam
Jack and the Beanstalk cast - Josh

Comic Josh Benson will be returning for his 2nd panto as Joshin' Josh, Dame Trot’s wacky son. Josh said “The thing I’m most looking forward to about Panto is being back to my Joshin’ self, providing the lovely people of Halifax (& surrounding!) the opportunity to lose themselves in the silliness of Pantoland as a result. Panto is a hugely important part of the year for families, the shared experience of the same story, enjoyed on different levels depending on age - but with laughter positivity and joy at the heart of it. It’s a delight to be back, able to provide some of this laughter, through my ridiculous Joshin’ antics!  Being back in the Victoria Theatre in Halifax for the publicity day was honestly like we’d never been away. Everyone was SO chuffed to be back, prepping for a season doing what we all do best, and you could feel the excitement as we move towards starting rehearsals!”

Richard Lloyd is returning for his second year too.  This year Richard will be playing Fleshcreep, the snazzy dressed panto villain. . Richard said of his return to the Victoria Theatre “I cannot wait to see the wonderful Halifax audiences again: they’re amazing and I am so looking forward to working with lots of lovely friends again. Playing Fleshcreep is going to be a dream come true. He’s a real panto baddie and I can’t wait to scare all the audiences to bits and hear all the booing. Bring it on!!”

Jack and the Beanstalk cast - Richard
Jack and the Beanstalk cast - Nikki

Nikki Schofield has appeared in numerous Halifax pantomimes and will be playing the part of the Fairy this year. Nikki said “I am looking forward to getting back on stage and having fun with everyone but most of all hearing the audiences enjoying themselves again. Shows and productions have been hugely missed and I can't wait to bring back that joy to so many people!” When asked what she thought of her fairy costume “I absolutely LOVE my costume. It’s not the regular fairy outfit so I feel she will be fun and cheeky to play!”

Panto season is definitely on its way and the venue are delighted to be presenting Jack & the Beanstalk. With a whole year to make up for, it will be a GIANT celebration and you’re definitely in for a treat! Jack & the Beanstalk runs from Saturday 11 December 21 to Sunday 2 January 22 and tickets can be booked here.